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AM3 Supplemental Safety Pharmacology Studies
Stephane Milano, Yafei Chen, Jacques Descotes
AM4 Microsampling Techniques and Novel Applications in Exposure Assessment
Stephen Ploch, Simon Parry, Stephen, Russell Bialecki
PM5 Drug Abuse Liability Testing
Greet Teuns, Paul Moser, Andy mead, Theodore Baird, Mary Jeanne Kallman
AM2 Safety Pharmacology Endpoints in Toxicology Studies
Scott R. Tiesma, Robert Austin LaFrance
PM4 SAFETY Biomarkers—What Every Safety Pharmacologist Should Know!
Lewis B. Kinter, David K. Johnson

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Supplemental Safety Pharmacology Studies

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Co-Chairs:Alfred Botchway, MSc, PhD, Xenometrics, Stilwell, KS, United States, and Jeffrey McKee, PhD, MS, PhD, DABT, Baxter, Round Lake, IL, United States

The ICH S7A guidelines have recommended that when concerns arise from core battery studies, clinical trials, post marketing surveillance, or from other nonclinical studies, then it is prudent to conduct supplemental safety pharmacology studies. These supplemental studies are designed to evaluate potential adverse pharmacodynamic effects on organ system functions not addressed by the core battery or repeated dose toxicity studies. This course will provide to individuals involved in the development of therapeutic agents. The session will focus on study designs and sample results used to evaluate the renal/urinary, autonomic and gastrointestinal system, and understanding the physiological basis of the supplemental tests.

Gastrointestinal Assessment—In Vitro and In Vivo Models
Stephane Milano, PhD, Ricerca Biosciences, Lyon, France Stephane

Integrative Assessment of Drug-Induced Kidney Injury and Function Changes
Yafei Chen, MD, MS, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Waltham, MA

Evaluation of the Effects of Pharmaceuticals on the Immune System
Jacques Descotes, MD, PhD, PharmD, FATS, Poison Center and Pharmacovigilance Department, Lyon, France

Panel Discussion
Stephane Milano, Alfred Botchway, Yafei Chen, and Jacques Descotes



Microsampling Techniques and Novel Applications in Exposure Assessment
Drug Abuse Liability Testing
Safety Pharmacology Endpoints in Toxicology Studies
SAFETY Biomarkers—What Every Safety Pharmacologist Should Know!