Safety Pharmacology Society is a nonprofit organization that promotes knowledge, development, application, and training in Safety Pharmacology—a distinct scientific discipline that integrates the best practices of pharmacology, physiology and toxicology. The objective of Safety Pharmacology studies is to further the discovery, development and safe use of biologically active chemical entities by the identification, monitoring and characterization of potentially undesirable pharmacodynamic activities in nonclinical studies. The Safety Pharmacology Society also supports the human safety of drugs and biologicals by fostering scientific research, education, and dissemination of scientific information through meetings and other scientific interactions.


The Society is committed to uniting the global safety pharmacology community in the development and safe medical use of biologically active molecular entities by bridging across disciplines to allow the identification, characterization, and monitoring of potentially undesirable pharmacodynamic activities in nonclinical studies and guiding their translation into clinical trials.

Purpose: Safety pharmacology leaders providing answers to critical questions that matter to patients, regulators, and scientists.

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SPS Values:Scientific Excellence, Knowledge, Improving human and animal life, Collaboration and Cooperation, Integrity, Quality, and Respect for individual diversity, initiative, education and personal development.

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