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UW Madison Distance Academy Webinar Series—Discount for SPS Members!

Convenient online short courses for busy industry professionals

We can’t always travel but we can ALWAYS LEARN!!! Below are three webinar series opportunities for SPS members who want a better understanding of the cardiovascular system, essential toxicology or CNS Pharmacology Targets. These courses are taught by University of Wisconsin faculty as well as SPS Past Presidents!!!! The courses have a weekly live webinar that is customized to the students in the class.

Looking for a way to fit professional development into your hectic work schedule? Try our 8-week “blended” learning program! You'll get the equivalent of one of our information-packed 2½-day short courses through a combination of live-broadcast lectures, recorded assignments, and opportunities for discussion with your instructor and other attendees—all from the comfort of your office or home, while saving travel time and money!

Registration Discount for SPS Members!!

Individual $650 per course (savings of $225)
Group discounts (3–4 attendees). $1650 per course
Group discounts (5–10 attendees). $4125 per course

In order to take advantage of this discount, you must email Eric Buxton at eric.buxton@wisc.edu to register at the discounted rate (SPS membership will be verified with headquarters prior to processing your registration).

2015 Courses

What’s Going On In My Brain? CNS Pharmacology Targets, Drug Abuse Liabilities and More

September 9–November 4, 2015
Webinar Series

Live: Wednesdays 10:00 AM Central and 1 hour asynchronous sessions

This blended course provides an intensive overview of the Nervous System physiology, pharmacology, Central and Peripheral Nervous System disorders, and safety assessment. This knowledge is critical for both drug discovery and development. The fundamentals of the Nervous System are presented, followed by instruction on Nervous System diseases, pharmacological targets, and safety considerations such as drug abuse, suicide, and peripheral neuropathy. Following completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Recognize the basic anatomy and physiology of the Nervous System;
  2. Describe Nervous System Receptor Pharmacology;
  3. Prepare for challenges of developing efficacious yet safe compounds by identifying common CNS and PNS diseases
  4. Recognize the regulatory concerns for drug abuse of novel compounds; and
  5. Evaluate the new concerns and potential models to assess suicidality as well as peripheral neuropathy.

Instructors: Kristy D. Bruse, PhD, DSP, Integrated Physiology and Pharmacology Consulting, LLC
Matthew Abernathy, PhD, MPI Research, Inc.

Please visit the course site for additional information.

Essential Toxicology

September 10–November 5, 2015
Webinar Series

Live: Thursdays 10:00 AM Central and 1 hour asynchronous sessions

Toxicology addresses adverse effects of chemicals on humans and animals and includes exposure assessment, hazard identification, dose response assessment, and risk characterization. This short course will provide a foundation of toxicology concepts, toxicity in mammalian organ systems, preclinical safety evaluation, and applications for drug development. Upon completing this course the learner will be able to:

Instructor: Steve Oakes, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin Madison

Please visit the course site for additional information.