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2015 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2015

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2014 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2014

Featuring: Keynote by Neil S. Buckholtz, PhD, Division of Neuroscience (DN) at the National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, United States on The Past, Present, and Future of Alzheimer’s disease Research, Plenary by David A. Kass, MD, Abraham and Virginia Weiss Professor of Cardiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States on Cardiac Pressure-Volume Analysis—A Practical Perspective and the Distinguished Service Award Presentation by William S. Redfern, BSc (Hons), PhD, FSB, FBPharmacolS, DSP, AstraZeneca on Safety Futurology: From Virtuous to Virtual.

Scientific topics covered: Models for Cardiac Assessment, Central Nervous System, Noncardiac Ion Channels, Peripheral Neuropathy, Cardiovascular Dysfunction, Regulatory Guidance, Novel Assays for Safety Pharmacology Assessment: Zebrafish (Sushi or Science?) and Nausea and Vomiting: Not a Gagging Matter, Respiratory: Should the Sleep State be a Target for Safety Pharmacology?, Update and Perspectives on Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CIPA).

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2013 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2013

Featuring: Keynote by Christine Mummery, PhD, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands on Cardiomyocytes from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: The New Patient in Safety Pharmacology, Drug Discovery, and Disease, an ECG Historical Talk by Marc Vos, PhD, University Medical Center, Heart Lung Center, Utrecht, Netherlands, and Plenary by Jack Reynolds, DVM, DACLAM, DACVP, FIATP, AnaBios Corporation, San Diego, CA, United States on Challenges for Pharmaceutical Industry and Opportunities for Safety Pharmacology, and the Distinguished Service Award Presentation by Arthur M. “Buzz” Brown, MD, PhD on Predicting Cardiac Safety: From Molecules to Man.

Scientific topics covered: Increasing Likelihood of Success: Target Related Safety, Support to Late Stage Drug Development (Phase II Onwards)—Suicidal Ideation and Behavior, Increasing Likelihood of Success: Chemistry (Molecule) and Off-Target (Selectivity) Related Safety, Safety Assessment Evaluation of Nonconventional Therapeutic Modalities, Increasing Likelihood of Success: Novel Approaches to Safety Screening, Population based Risk Assessment, Anticipation of ADRs and Dose Limiting Toxicity, Safety Pharmacology beyond Small Molecules, Translation of Safety Pharmacology Findings to Humans, Update and Feedback on CSRC-HESI-FDA Workshop: Arrhythmia Risk Assessment During Drug Development…. Without the Thorough QT Study.

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2012 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2012

Featuring: Keynote by Glen J. Weiss, MD, TGen-The Translational Genomics Research, Institute; Director, Thoracic Oncology, Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Clinical Trials Program at Scottsdale Healthcare; Chief Medical Officer, CRAB Clinical Trials Consortium, Scottsdale, AZ, United States on Drug Development from a Medical Oncologist’s Perspective, and the Distinguished Service Award Presentation by Roger D. Porsolt, PhD on The Usefulness of Nonhuman Primates (NHP) in Safety Pharmacology.

Scientific topics covered: Oncology Therapies, Abuse Liability, Assessment of Cardiac Function, Testing for Withdrawal Effects of Novel Drugs, Oncology Session Follow Up (ICH S7, S9, and CV Studies), Diabetes, Tox21 and In Vitro Models: Advancing New Approaches for Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, Animal Models, The Growing Role of Safety Pharmacology, and Combined Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology Studies.

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2011 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2011

Featuring: Keynote by Professor W. Pfaller, MD, Innsbruck Medical University, Innsbruck, Austria on Assessment on Nephrotoxicity—What We Know and What We Still Need to Know! A Plenary by Colin Dollery, BSc, MB, ChB, FRCP, GlaxoSmithKline, London, United Kingdom, on Value of Safety Pharmacology: What the Future Holds and the Distinguished Service Award Presentation by R. Dustan Sarazan, DVM, PhD, on Cardiovascular Safety Assessment of Drugs: Perspectives from a Career Spanning Pharma, CRO, and Technology Development.

Scientific topics covered: Bridging Safety Assessment between Academia, Regulators, and Industry, In Silico: Science in the IT Age, Impact of Early Screens in Safety Strategy: Biomarkers, Integrating Safety Pharmacology in Toxicology, Biomimetic Microsystems and Cellular Technologies: Potential Utility in Predicting Safety, Non‐CV Adverse Effects, Other Perspectives of Arrhythmia Detection, Practical Implications of Chronopharmacology, Additional Safety Information to Be Gained from Safety Pharmacology Studies, The Early Detection of Impending Sudden Death, Consortia Updates, Environmental Pharmacology, Best Practices in Safety Pharmacology, Sleep Disorders: From Technological Advances to Market, In Vitro Safety Profiling Strategies, Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products—Safety of Cell Therapeutics, and Better Clinical Predictions Using Better Preclinical Models.

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