History of SPS

2008 Past President

Ian MacKenzie, Pharmaceutical Early Development Consultancy Ltd.

Ian was born in Stirlingshire, Scotland and attended a selective High School in the town where his father was in the police. Ian was offered a University place in the Faculty of Science, and dreamed of a four-year degree in Pharmacology from the University of Glasgow. The offer start date was delayed by a year to help extra studying, plus obtaining jobs to help fund the ever-growing social and travel bug. Things worked out well, with an Upper Second Class in Pharmacology awarded in 1978. This was going to assist the search for the next step of a PhD in autonomic smooth muscle pharmacology in UCL the London, with increasingly advanced electrophysiological postdoctoral research positions were awarded (at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, UCL and St Georges Hospital Medical School London). The next plan was to use these electrophysiological skills in UK industry and lead a new anti-arrhythmic research group at Roche, Welwyn, United Kingdom (>1998) Although a casualty in the Roche-Syntex merger (1995), Ian was appointed by CPS (now Covance, Harrogate) to be its Head of Pharmacology from 1996–2008. This meant having to staff, train, license, equip, and validate a new GLP-compliant Pharmacology Safety Pharmacology profit centre group. This was intended to support and enhance multi-collaborations with the Phase I group in Leeds for prediction of untoward human side-effects.

Ian has a wife and daughter in the area. To maximise his very valued independent role at the Safety Pharmacology Society Board of Directors, Ian and family made a decision that he ought to establish his own office-based Consultancy business in Harrogate (>July 2008). This means performing the same scope of work as before for those clients wanting independent Expert Opinion for CV, CNS, and Respiratory translation biomarkers for new therapeutics in conscious/anaesthetised models.

Ian is proud to have been the first European to be elected Vice-President Elect by an international peer group. Ian also chaired a very collaborative, business-like international Board of Directors. Some examples of these were writing its first five-year strategic plan, diversifying revenue-earning services, with SPS record attendance, record donations and surplus profits during his Presidency in Madison.

Ian is a keen walker, hill-climber and bicyclist in the UK and Europe.